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Precision CNC

Shafts, Bushings, Bearings
TG Tech's experienced machinists produce metal turned parts using virtually any material including aluminum, brass, cast iron, phenolics, plastics, steel, and stainless steel using our precision CNC turning centers.

All TG Tech CNC turning centers perform multi-axis, multi-task machining operations including CNC turning and milling, drilling, and tapping in a single setup.  In addition, we can produce using bar stock from .125 to 2” diameter and have automatic bar feeder with chucking capacities up to 12“ diameter.

TG Tech produces precision finished parts to automotive, medical, aerospace, hydraulics, fluid power, plumbing, electronics, marine and other industries. 

Our CNC turned precision parts are characterized by their quick setup, high accuracy, repeatable uniformity, fine surface finishes, and extremely tight tolerances.

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