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Exceptional Quality is our culture, not just a system…

TG Tech Quality Assurance​


  • Prevent non-conformance during contract performance

  • Prompt detection of non-conformance 

  • Provisions for timely and effective corrective actions

  • ISO 9001 registered with NSF-ISR


TG Tech Quality Assurance is Based on Four Cornerstones​


  • Detection - Promptly identify and isolate non-conformance

  • Prevention - Preclude non-conformance during contract performance

  • Correction - Implement provisions for timely and effective corrective actions

  • Production - Our procedures follow the ISO 9001 standards

TG Tech Corporate Commitment

  • Integrate quality into all program activities

  • Provide quality products while striving to exceed customer expectations

  • Nearly all of our Global Partner facilities are ISO 9001 / TS 16949 compliant

  • Most customer orders warrantied to meet all specifications for 90 days from date of shipment



Quality Assurance

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